Miley Cyrus Hates Paparazzi, Loves Attention

miley cyrus side boobMiley Cyrus has been saying various things recent about how she hates being followed by the paparazzi, blah blah. Typical celebrity complainer talk.  Yet, whenever she goes out, it’s like she’s begging for the paparazzi to follow her and try to grab shots.  She’ll either show her bra, not wear a bra, or not wear panties while wearing a skirt (and lifting her leg very high while getting into her car).  I don’t have an image of the last one because I don’t feel like hearing from lawyers, but google is your friend if you want it.

So what’s the deal?  Is she just being a bratty celeb who is fading but trying not to fade by wearing these outfits in order to stay relevant?  Didn’t Britney Spears go through the same phase with the upskirts, braless wonders, complaining about attention, and then going nuts and shaving her head?   Seeing as Miley has already completed almost all of that listed, I guess there is one more thing to do….

Your move, Miley.



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  1. Cortney says:

    this is funny since she recently cut all her hair off.

  2. janis says:

    you called this one!

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