Macaulay Culkin Is Looking Great

What the hell happened to home alone kid?  Macaulay Culkin was on top of the world when I was still playing with Transformers, probably hooking up with girls like Punky Brewster, the girl from “My Girl”, Kelly Kapowski and any other girl he wanted in the 80’s.  He then grew up a bit weird looking, but still ended up getting married and also dating Mila Kunis for a few years.

I mean the guy had quite a few breaks in his life, but now he’s walking around TV looking like Dennis Leary’s crackhead older brother.  Get it together Kevin McCallister!  You fought off the same set of robbers a few times, got stung by a bunch of bees and tried to kill your cousin.

If your old self saw how you looked now, I think you could only imagine his reaction…

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  1. Georgia says:

    He looks like Jeff Conaway and we all know what happened to him :-(

  2. Lord have mercy… De youth out dere,see wat drugs can do to u,even wit all his money!!! I pray he recovers…

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